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Convenient CEREC treatment at East Side Smiles

At Eastside Smiles, we value your time. While a dental appointment is important, we also know that you need to attend to other matters as quickly as you can. We provide an answer to this need for convenience with the revolutionary CEREC system. CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and is a dental restorative procedure that can give you crowns in one day.

You get precision, durability and speed with CEREC. Dr. Thomas Hadley and our team have trained for this system so you can have the convenience and fast treatment time that you deserve. CEREC crowns are within your reach at Eastside Smiles in Nashville, TN

How It Works?

The CEREC system uses digital CAD/CAM technology to deliver crowns within minutes. Dr. Hadley will first take a digital image of your teeth. The computer will then use this information to create a picture of the approximate shape of your crowns. Dr. Hadley will make further revisions, refining the model to perfection. When the design is finished, Dr. Hadley will feed this data to a milling machine that will create the crowns right on the spot. He will prepare your teeth for the crowns and then bond the crowns on your teeth. Voila! You get fast crowns with the innovative CEREC system. You can go on with your usual activities in Nashville, TN and can even go back to work after the treatment.

What are the benefits?

CEREC crowns are a fast, convenient and durable option for getting crowns. With proper care, your CEREC crowns can provide function and aesthetics for many years. Your teeth are restored to good health while they look great with crowns in place. All it takes is a simple restorative procedure that takes no more than one day to complete.


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