Guided Implant Surgery

High Quality Implant Surgery at East Side Smiles

At Eastside Smiles, we take pride in providing you with the most advanced and effective technology for excellent, top notch dental care in Nashville, TN. We offer our patients guided implant surgery, using the Galileos implant software. This revolutionary system is a radiological 3D software that aids in dental diagnostics and dental implant planning. 

Dr. Thomas Hadley can perform implant restoration with higher accuracy than ever before, using the Galileos software for guided implant planning and surgery.

What is The Galileos Software?

The Galileos software allows Dr. Hadley to see the entire structure of your mouth. Nerve canals, tissues and bone structures can be easily marked and measured with the use of the Galileos system. Dr. Hadley is offered a realistic view of your mouth so he can properly plan the entire implant procedure. 

The system also integrates with an implant library of manufacturers so the doctor can easily order supplies for your treatment. The system is like an intelligent and intuitive digital secretary that streamlines implant planning from diagnostics to planning the treatment to ordering the materials required. The system allows Dr. Hadley to provide guided implant surgery that is smooth, expertly managed.

The Technology We Use

Living in one of the best cities in the US, Nashville, TN locals require only the best from dental practices like Eastside Smiles. We, therefore, continually update ourselves by training and acquiring advanced, modern technology. 

We invest in new machines and systems, not just to make our lives easier, but to provide you with simply the best. Excellent diagnostics and careful treatment planning are the foundations of performing successful dental treatments. With the Galileos implant system, we can truly perform guided implant surgery to the best of our abilities.


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